‘October’ Movie Review

                                              ‘October’ Movie Review


                                                                                 ALOK SRIVASTAVA


Cast: Varun Dhawan, Banita Sandhu, Gitanjali Rao

Director: Shoojit Sircar


   Great……. Great Story of this movie…Excellent. What a story..

Dan (Varun Dhawan) who was a student of hotel management and he is doing an internship at a top hotel in Delhi along with his batch mates. Problem arises when his colleagues Shiuli (Banita Sandhu), lands up at the hospital. Dan has been affected with this far deeply. He sets the example for us that we should never lose hope in odd situation, we should deal every situation with positive energy.


 As far as Review of this movie is concerned that October movie says a lot without saying too much. This film is about love, we can see Dan’s pure heart. This movie has simple dialogues. The beauty lies in the simplicity of it all. You know, Dan is just a 21 year old, so very obvious, if he is careless at work. But he expresses himself with a rare innocence that makes him loveable. And shiuli, as she lies in bed, Dan is drawn to her agonizing and motionless world. We can say that something flows and flourishes between them and this is true LOVE as I think.


 Shoojit Sircar has done great job. Every scene is marvelous. At times, you forget that you are watching a movie. And yes, you start thinking about the real people that they don’t have true emotions. In this movie, when we see that a scene where Dan and Shiuli acknowledge their relationship in their own, It is indescribable way. This movie is skillfully written. And yes, it makes you break into a smile.

 Story, Screenplay and Dialogues:

 Juhi Chaturvedi worked hard on story, screenplay and dialogues. This movie is not spelt out. Every scene are packed with lightweight dialogues and silences that leave space for interpretation. Varun gave the finest performance of his career. And actress shiuli (Banita) also did a great job, she uses her beautiful eyes to express emotions.

 ’October’ is a humane story that will possibly enjoy not only in India but also across the country. And there is no doubt that we can’t find it’s way into words. It is a thoughtful, meditative film about love, grief, mortality and making of a man. This is a film that asks to be felt. As I think that the pace of this movie is deliberately slow as if we can feel every emotion. What I feel about this movie is that Banita Sandhu lets her big, beautiful eyes do most of the work for her.












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