Oscars 2018: Gary Oldman on his role as Winston Churchill

Oscars 2018: Gary Oldman on his role as Winston Churchill


Most of the people are expecting that  The British actor  Gary Oldman is going to lift the best actor Oscar on Sunday in LA. Gary Oldman understand that  the character which he played was energetic and funny . He said that it was great experience for playing the role of war- time prime minister Winston Churchill and we think of him as an old man who was born in a bad mood. He was speaking at  a Hollywood event to celebrate the British  nominees of the 90th Academy Awards.He told the BBC that he was proud of himself to play Churchill – despite the hours in hair and make up including his head shaved every morning. Further he said,” I loved getting into work and being him.”

He said,” it wasn’t an immediate yes. Because he been played so successfully..you wonder what you can add to the gallery.”

So was was the reason behind this to sign this role ?

Oldman explained at the event, “ he had been  inspired by this story and it was a very a microscopic look  at a defining  moment  in our history.” But it was the research I made was going to the footage, when I was just looking at him and listening to him. It was the energy of the man. Just ….tried to imagine Churchill as a child to help him capture his character. I always look for the boy, the little boy in there. There was, from what I could see.

He says whatever happens, he enjoyed the ride. And I am feeling very good about it . Sunday will be ..-  these things will be what they will be. They will either call your name or they won’t..The ride has been enjoyable and to be recognized for playing Winston is a pride in itself. I should respect Gary Oldman’ thinking ..He is saying that I am enjoying it now It’s a moment in the Sun. Ther are highs and lows in your career….it’s high, you enjoy it, and then someone  else is there next year ..This was his great gesture. We should congratulate him.

Alok Srivastava


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